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Solar Panel Cleaning

Solar panel

Solar Panel Cleaning in Burton upon Trent & surrounding areas

Did you know that with regular cleaning the sloar yeild can be increased by up to 30%?

  • 100% pure water leaves glass and frames spotless and streak free

  • Specially designed Solar Brush will not damage the panel surface

  • Keeping on top of cleaning prevents burning in of dirt or surfactants

Why do solar panels need regular cleaning?

  • Solar panel systems are not self-cleaning

  • Rain deposits dirt, dust and soot particles on the solar panels. It washes part of the dirt off, but also adds new dirt particles to the panel

  • Solar panels get soiled, which leads to a reduction of solar yeild

  • Soiled systems switch on with a delay


For best results cleaning should be done at the beginning of spring and later again in the smmer. The reason for this is that this is the period where PV panels produce most of their electricity for the owner. As much as 5 times more electricity is produced in the summer as it is in the winter.


Due to the lack of knowledge about solar from homeowners most will not realise their panels need cleaning and so you may need to explain that dirty panels mean less revenue.

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