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A humane way to keep your building clean

Are pigeons, seagulls, or birds in general making a constant mess of your property in Burton on Trent? Well fear not, we have the solution. Supershine Cleaning provides roof installation of humane bird deterrent spikes which will keep your building and windows bird-free, without causing any harm.

Benefits of our bird deterrent spikes:

• You will keep bird droppings away from your building and windows

• You will benefit from reduced bird-related noise

• You can rest assured that our specially designed deterrent spikes cause no harm to the birds and eliminate the need for culling

• Our experienced, professional roof installation service means you can relax and leave everything to us

Let us solve your dilemma

Give Supershine Cleaning a call on 07980 010 516 or 0800 468 1972, and your bird-related worries will be history. And while you're at it, why not consider giving your windows a Supershine clean as well, and enjoy brilliant, sparkling windows today?

Bird Deterrent Spikes in Burton upon Trent & surrounding areas

"Ever since Supershine Cleaning installed their bird deterrent spikes, people always comment how much nicer my building looks. I wish I had called sooner!"

S. Blakeley

Two birds sat on a ledge